Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A kid and a cat! 

While the dad was selling souvenirs at a stall, this little girl squatted nearby and amused herself by playing with this street cat. I thought it was really cute how she was petting the cat with her little hand, while her other hand held a bunch of wild grass.

Unfortunately the dad thought the kid and the cat was in the way of the passer-bys so he stomped his feet and scared the cat away. The kid looked sad when the cat ran away. I felt a little sad for her too!

weekend wandering

A few photos taken over the weekend while wandering around Beijing with my cousin Jenny~

It sure is tiring wandering around this big city!! A lot of walking and a lot of standing. Our legs and feet were in great pain by the end of the day! 


My cousin and me =)

(Taken with the iTouch, so poor quality!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

blur vs. clear

*Photos taken as such, not edited to get blurred effect.


Today I met up with Xue, my friend from exchange in France. It was nice! We ate some noodles, then walked under the willow trees, and then sat at a park bench and chatted for a bit. It made me happy to see a familiar face again, and to have someone to share some thoughts with.

This is the 5th country where we see each other!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

golden reflection

The days are getting shorter and shorter; even when I just finish work, the sky has already begun to darken.

Location: Liang Ma Qiao (Beijing)

people on bridge

I pass under this bridge every day on my way to the subway to get to work! From below, the passengers on the bridge look so distant and tiny - makes me think of moving ants.

Location: Haidian district, Beijing.


I have been in China for a week now, but haven't been posting much because I haven't had time to do much photography since I got here. But as I will be in Beijing for the next 4-5 months, I look forward to discover more of Beijing and the rest of China with my camera by my side!