Monday, March 5, 2012

last post

On a gorgeous day in San Francisco yesterday! 

This is my 199th post for this photoblog! I had a lot of fun keeping this blog and it was a great pleasure being able to share my photos with friends and other photography lovers online.  This is not my first blog nor do I think it will be my last, but this post will mark the end for this blog. 

I began this blog before going to grad school in Vancouver, and now, 1.5 years later, I have graduated with  a MA and have completed two exciting internships! In between, I did a lot of traveling,  took a lot of photos, met a lot of new people, and had many fun experiences and shared many great memories. 
Now, a new beginning is unfolding for me. It time to find a real job and start my career. I don't know how long that will take and where I will go next, but whatever I end up doing and wherever I end up going, I believe that I will find happiness there!  
I trust in life and I'm ready to go where it takes me. 

Many thanks to everyone who has supported this blog. Whether you are a friend who regularly checked up on me, a regular visitor or a passerby who left me a kind note (or a couple more), or another photographer who expressed an appreciation for my photos - thank you! I greatly appreciate it all.
With my warmest regards, I say goodbye on behalf of my blog!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

20 hours in Shanghai!

I haven't done "A Day in Photos" blog for a long long time because for a long long time I haven't taken that many photos in one day! Finally I had the opportunity to do so on my trip to Shanghai. It was really brief, but I had a really fun and happy time. I met up with two good friends from Canada and we enjoyed our time in Shanghai together =) 

We stayed in Shanghai for about 2 days, but this post will just feature some of 20 hours we spent in the city!

Rain rain go away... Shanghai had a rainy day!

We started our day super late, and by the time we got to our first visiting destination, it was already afternoon! But here we were inside the Moon Boat (Saudi Arabian Pavilion) at the Shanghai Expo.

The whole room was like a movie theater and everything was movie around you, including the path you're standing on (which was slowing moving you forward). Really crazy stuff!!! 

At the Old City Temple, a place with lots of colourful lights and festive lanterns!

A street full of shops and food places.

This is inside a food court and there were soooo many kinds of little eats to chose from!

Little crabs.
They look kinda cute and kinda scary. 

Here's my friend David deciding what to pick for us to eat! 

Our awesome dinner that night!!

Fanyi ready to eat! Yum yum! ^^

Aww our soupy baozi haha!! Cheers!!

Massive dragon light structure for the Year of the Dragon!

More colourful lights we saw while walking in the Old City Temple.

Here we are in Pudong, a super developed area with lotta skyscrapers and things made out of concrete and metal.

Walking the rain with colourful splashes below our feet :)

A bubbly pic of us :) taken with David's camera.

Chilling at the hotel. Eating some Lindt chocolates and drinking some herbal tea. 

We went to Cloud9, a bar on the 85th floor for a cocktail drink.
Here's Fanyi and her fancy blue drink that I don't recall the name of! 

The amazing view from the bar!

Our little midnight snack while watching tv.

My fruity brunch with a yogurt drink. 
And that was all!
This was probably one of my best moments in China this time. Shanghai is a really exciting city to explore and I was really happy to see Fanyi and David in China. I also met up with my classmate from grad school in Vancouver, and that was great too!

Now I'm back in California, moving towards my next life stage. I'm job-hunting for a real job!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Maybe by muting all colours except one, we will see things a bit differently... 


Xuzhou, China 

Monday, January 16, 2012

pink touch

"People need routines. It's like a theme in music. But it also restricts your thoughts and actions and limits your freedom. It structures your priorities and in some ways distorts your logic." 
-Haruki Murakami (1Q84)

Friday, January 13, 2012


In Jiangsu now, visiting relatives here and there. Do not really wish to be here, but here I am. The days are eventful enough, but I cannot help but feel idle. As there is not much I can do at the moment to significantly move my life forward, I grow restless from inaction.

I spend the days reading and napping, and when I want to exercise, I take a walk.
2.5 more weeks left.
I wait.

Photos taken in Nantong, China

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

farewell BJ!

I left Beijing on Christmas Eve and took a night train to Jiangsu province. 

On my last internship day, I had a nice lunch with my team at a Japanese restaurant not too far from where we worked. I was very happy that my team and I had time to have a meal together before I left! I liked working with them, and I think they're great individually too. 

My Japanese lunch with my co-workers on my last day!

So my internship in Beijing has come to an end. For some time, I was looking forward to its end because I wanted to move on. But on the last day, like any last day, I did feel a little sad, because afterall, it was an end to an episode of my life! I spent my last night with friends, most of which I made in Beijing. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant (Alio Olio) and then we went to party at Club Juicy! It was a really good night, and I had lots of fun! ^^

Now I am in Jiangsu visiting my relatives. I've been so tired these days - I don't know why. All I want do is sleep, and perhaps read and eat some fruits when I wake up.

Monday, December 19, 2011

blue jellyfishes

 I love seeing jellyfishes in real life as much as in cartoons (like Spongebob!). They're such fascinating creatures, I find! I wish I had more time observing them and photographing them when I was at the aquarium this Sunday!

Photo taken at the aquarium in Beijing. 

fading shades

I like how the colours of the mountains gets more faint as it stretches out into the horizon, so that is why I call this post "fading shades"! 


I went to visit Beijing's aquarium park with my friend Astha yesterday and I realized how much I like aquariums. There is something very fascinating about sea creatures swimming around effortlessly in a colourful underwater world. I really liked looking at the jellyfishes and the vibrant coloured little fishes. Unfortunately we only got to see half of the aquarium park because we came in too late.... ahh, disappointing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The Great Wall of China in black and white!


The internet situation here is not too ideal, so I don't get to blog as much as I would like! I still have a few more photos I'd like to share, but I must go now. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Empty tree branches standing against the sunset glow.

The photos taken during my hike on the Great Wall of China! I went up there today with two friends and had a great time! I shall post more photos of the Great Wall in my next blogpost. Now I am tired, and just want to have a good night's rest after a long day of walking and climbing.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


 Macro photos of a glittery scarf I received today :)