Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Market

Sally and I went to check out the German Christmas Market in Vancouver downtown today!

Vancouver Christmas Market. 

Christmas balls.
I don't know if they are hand-made or what, but I really like how shiny and colourful they all looked. 

Zooming-in on the details...

Fruit-looking soaps.
They looked really real! I bought some for my friend in Ottawa. 

The Swiss raclette booth.
I thought of my housemate, Sarah, when I saw this. She is currently in Switzerland, probably eating this with her family!

A little wooden toy. I like this one cause it had little gingerbread men on it.

Little decorations.
I think they were made out of metal because they were quite heavy.

These were chocolates.

Sally and I under a huge candy-cane!


  1. this looks soo lovely and like lots of fun!
    it sure looks like you are having a great time in vancouver - i'm soo happy for you : )

  2. I enjoy my life in Vancouver when I am not stressed about school work :P