Friday, February 18, 2011

photo day with Chaitra

Chaitra got a new camera and we went out together to take pictures of downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. It was a fun day and I especially enjoyed our lunch at Lonsdale Quay Market and our "blowing bubbles" photoshoots. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good (heavy clouds and rain), so most of the pictures outside looked quite gloomy. Thank goodness for Chaitra's magenta hat, which added some vibrance to the pictures!

So here it is...


My morning: 

I ate some leftovers and half of a papaya for breakfast. 

Waiting for the bus...

With a little box of cupcakes on my lap!

At Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver: 

Spongbob and Hello Kitty biscuits! ^____^

Our lunch in North Van... quiche and smoothies!

We blew some bubbles after lunch!

Then we went to Gastown...

It started raining...

We went to chill at coffee shop for a bit.

Drank some coffee and warmed up!

Last stop: Chinatown

At Waterfront skytrain station.

Arriving at Chinatown.

We walked around a bit, but it got really really gloomy... so we called it a day and went home!

Heading back home...

W. Broadway and Cambie during rush hour...

It was a good day! I really enjoyed walking to all these places and taking pictures with a photo buddy! =P


  1. I love the pictures with the birds in it!!! Such a creepy but cool feeling.
    And, quiche is awesome. Awesome pictures too. :)

  2. Thanks! There were so many black crows flying around when I took that pic... and with the dark gloomy sky, it really did look creepy!

  3. i really like the picture at the skytrain station and the one of the papaya! that looks like a neat coffee shop too. Seems like a fun day : )

  4. love love your photos, girl.


  5. thanks for the encouraging words Huong :)