Sunday, March 6, 2011

signs of spring

Spent a sunny Saturday walking in a park and taking photos! 

Location: Queen's Elizabeth Park, Vancouver 

(And no I did not lie flat on the ground to take those flower pictures! They were planted beside the sidewalk, on an elevated platform.)


  1. Awesome pictures! Keep it up! :)

  2. Spring is still too far for us to think about it.. as the weather-pro, it might or might not the temperature of Canada will move up to plus-2-digit-degree.

    It was raining since yesterday.. but not until this midnight.. snows have fallen from the sky again, good enough to cover the whole toronto in white pretty but dirty white snowflakes..

    so, it is still winter here.. how are you! ?

  3. Hello weatherman Darmaine :P
    Haven't heard from you in a while! Vancouver is getting quite nice, especially during the sunnier days. I cant' wait till the cherry blossoms come out at the end of March - I think they'll make beautiful pictures :)
    Other than that, this month is going to be really busy with school and internship applications... =/
    How've you been?

  4. I've been good... my toes is hurting from dancing last night (i went to a motown party!)... anyways.. i'm looking for a second job and place to live... my aunt is moving out of the city for a job opportunity... so i'm gonna have to do my best to live on my own..

    I'm going back school this fall. Tomorrow i have my first portfolio review at Centennial College for Fine arts studio program, and then i will have my other one for George Brown college at the 21st for graphc design program... i hope i'll get both!

    I didn't realize that i sound so like a weatherman.. hahaha....

  5. Good luck with your applications, Darmaine! Hope you will get them both! And I bet you have an amazing portfolio to show them.