Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prague - day one!

PRAHA - první den!

I woke up at 5am today because of my jetlag. The plus side of this was that I got to see the sun rise from the rooftop window of my hostel room!

The free breakfast at the hostel. I ate it with my hostel roommate. She is a middle-aged lady from Slovakia. We did not speak the same language but we manage to exchange a few words with Google Translator! 

I went to Prague 2 in the morning to view a room in a shared flat. It looked good and the price was decent - so I accepted it! 
I am no longer homeless in this foreign city... yay! 

I got a new cell and a new number. It is one of the cheapest and most basic cells! I've had two more like this before lol (one from Canada; another from France)

I passed by Old Prague to do a bit of sight-seeing. It was a brief and superficial visit. 

It is a beautiful place and I will need to come back again (hopefully with a local guide) to have a better understanding of what I'm seeing!

I do not understand why there are nets here. 

A little bird on his head :) 

I like how these two women were just sitting there and having a good time looking at the pictures they just took with each other!

After seeing Old Prague, I took the metro back to my hostel to move all my stuff to my new place.

My new room! Not huge, but sufficient for me. It comes fully furnished (incl. desk + chair not captured here). I am sharing 2 bathrooms and an equipped kitchen with 4-5 other foreigners. My rent (incl. utilities + internet) is 7000CZK, about 400CDN. 

I took a walk in the evening. I have seen many parks like this: lots of benches and big grass area. Many people just go sit there, to rest, to eat, to chat with their friend/lover, and maybe also to people-watch.

I sat at one of those benches and ate a sandwich. It was an OK sandwich. Not too sure what that light orange sauce was (maybe a kind of mayo...). 

One of the main metro stations in Prague. I took the metro to go to Charles Bridge.

Walking on Charles Bridge, constructed in the 14th-15th century.  A very beautiful, wide and long bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague!

An artist doing sketches on the bridge. There were many like him along the bridge.

One of the 30 statues on the bridge. I found them all fascinating and would have loved to know who each of these characters were and their significance to Czech history.

On my way back home!


It has been a good first day in Prague!  I was productive with getting things done, and most importantly, I'm glad I found a place to live. Being in a new city and not speaking the local language does make me feel like an alien. I don't always know what's going on or where to find what I want. But it's okay! I don't get too frustrated by it. I still manage to get around quite alright. But while I am here, I want to try to learn some basic Czech. Tomorrow I will begin internship. I look forward to see my work place and to meet some of my co-workers!


  1. This sounds like quite the full, productive, enjoyable day. You have such a positive attitude and joyful outlook - it makes me feel so happy just hearing about all that you've done so far and all the things that you hope to do!! I love how you explored the places and how you have such an interest in learning about everything and experiencing so much. I am also very happy that you found a place - it seems like a good setup and a good rent! I wish you all the best and it definitely sounds like things are starting off on a great foot!! Take care and I look forward to future updates!! xo :)

  2. What a surprise this morning to find that you posted your first set of pics from Prague! No better way to idle before my first exam of the year :)

    Could that orange sauce be la sauce Andalouse that you put on fries in Belgium? Did it taste like mayo, tomatoes and a bunch of mystery spices?

  3. :D D'awww! you guys are awesome!! Thanks for checking up on me!