Wednesday, July 20, 2011

at B's

I had a nice evening with my Czech friend, who invited me over for a BBQ dinner!

It was nice spending the evening with my friend, her roommate, and her landlord. They are all Czech like my friend! The food was great and I also really enjoyed the conversations we had. I think we can learn a lot from each other by listening to and sharing with one another, and I'm glad I was in good company for that tonight!  

The house was built in 1882, so over a century year old!


  1. Hi! I like this post so much, this pics are really great, did you do them?!
    If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!

  2. Hi Fabrizia! Thanks for your msg, and yes I took these photos :)

  3. the third one is gorgeous! hey how is it going!?

  4. Hey you! Welcome back! I am doing well, how about you??