Sunday, September 12, 2010

tourist in downtown

Visiting downtown - fisheye style!!

Met up with my friend, Vincent, who I have known since my undergrad years in Kingston. He lives in Vancouver and today he showed me parts of the downtown area and North Vancouver. I had a fun time walking around, chatting with him, and taking pictures like I was a tourist. I really appreciate that he showed me around!

At Granville, one of the main streets downtown. There were so many pigeons walking and flying around.

A pigeon over my head.

Lots of tall buildings.

In North Vancouver - we took a seabus to get there (the seabus looks like a subway on water!)

We wandered in the market in North Van and we stopped by McD's for a late lunch.

Back from North Vancouver and walking near the Waterfront.

A sight with many different elements.

Hugging a big rain drop! (heard it rains a lot here, especially in the winter)

We both tried Japadog for the 1st time. We got the Turkey one and it was pretty good - better than a normal hotdog (but I like normal hotdogs too).

The shopping street.



  1. lovely pictures!
    the third and last ones are amazing!