Friday, September 3, 2010

first day @ UBC

2nd day in Vancouver and went on campus for orientation! I saw University of British Columbia for the first time.

Good morning! This is my new street. I like the sunny glow at this time of the day. 

While waiting for my bus to come. It's a new thing getting to take the bus to school. I used to always walk to my classes at my previous university cause the distance was so short.

Grad orientation in the morning. Met a few new people, but not that many cause there were sooo many people and I was kinda shy to just start talking with anyone. Another schoolmate from my previous university was there too. Happy to see him! A familiar face among the crowd :)

My free lunch. I had a chicken burger but I only asked for the piece of chicken, not the bread. I met a nice American girl who is in Fishery while I was eating. We later went to get our student cards together.

I love walking around campus and looking around! It was a beautiful and sunny day today too.

I didn't end up going to the rest of the orientation cause I got lost and didn't bother looking at a map. Instead, I walked around UBC's campus by myself. A plesant afternoon.

There's a rose garden on campus so I went there and looked at the flowers. I saw a few other students there too. Some were relaxing on the benches, and some, like me, were walking and taking pictures.

Pink roses.

After my walk around campus, I decided to take the bus home to rest a bit before going out again in the evening to the shopping mall to buy more house stuff!

So far, I have a very good impression of the university and of the city. The local people seem friendly, the public transportation is convenient, there are lots of cool things to do and fun places to go, and the sceneries are beautiful! I am also glad to be at UBC! Not only is it a good school in Canada and worldwide, but man, what a beautiful campus!!

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  1. I love Vancouver- went there this summer- great place! Hope you're having fun!