Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween party

Celebrated Halloween at my classmate's (Matt's) place. Most of the people in my program came and most of us came dressed up as something Asian because the party's theme was Asian Pop Icon. I wasn't a pop icon, but I was a food icon - I dressed up as a piece of sushi! I had a fun time there. Mostly enjoyed eating snacks, drinking fizzy juice, chatting with the people there and dancing to some party music. Here are some photos of the night!

**A few of the photos were taken by my friends with my camera, but they were all subject to Photoshop editing afterwards.


  1. Hehe it's so you for dressing up as Sushi XD;; Looks like u guys had a nice time :D

  2. It was fun being one of my favorite food for one night! xD

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