Sunday, October 10, 2010

a girly night!

Some pictures of my night out with my (girl) friends: 

Mrs. Miao invited my friends and I over for dinner at her place. Here are the delicious dishes she cooked. I was very happy about eating her homemade Chinese food so I happily ate a lot!

My friends, Sarah and Sally. They ate dinner with me at Mrs. Miao's house.

Sally and I both had the brilliant idea of bringing cake for dessert! We ended up with like 9 pieces of cake. We tried some of them, but not all (too much). They were very good though!
I loved how colourful they look together.

We walked in the pouring rain when we arrived in downtown. Luckily we all had an umbrella (unfortunately the coat-check lady lost my umbrella later on >.<... it was a good umbrella too!).

Took this while waiting for my friends to try on shoes at Aldo. It was a mirror at the store. 

We danced the night away at Republic. The music was good and the atmosphere was lively. My old friend (also named Sally) came out and joined us! ^^

Granville at 1:30am in the morning - still a lot of people out!
We had to catch our buses and head home. Enough partying for one night!


A great night overall! Enjoyed spending time with my friends and clubbing with them tonight. I think dancing with friends always makes me happy and energetic, kinda like a natural high! 

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