Tuesday, November 30, 2010

light exposure


Edit #1

Edit #2


Wishing there were more sunny days in Vancouver right now. The constant rain outside combined with the pile of school work and approaching deadlines is getting to me.


  1. the 3rd one's my fav :D Probably kuz the orange-ness makes everything look happy and warm. Good luck w/ stuff! Christmas break is just around the corner :D

  2. you can do it Amy!!
    i definitely know how you feel - the break is super close but there is soo much work to get done before that ...
    good luck/success with everything xo : )

  3. Thanks Minyan and Steffi! I'm sure we are in the same boat right now in terms of academic overload. We have been through this before. Certainly not pleasant, but it's do-able. Good luck to you girls too!