Friday, November 12, 2010

on my day off

I had a day off today because it was Remembrance Day. I felt like taking pictures throughout the day so I did!  

Voilà un aperçu d'une journée dans ma vie! 

Woke up at 9:30ish with the idea that I should document my day in photos!

Getting ready... in my Hello Kitty shirt. Hehe. ^^

Sarah and I called our friend Basanth in Toronto to wish him a happy birthday!

Eating cereal in my favourite cup. 

A trip to the grocery store. We brought the trolley with us lol.

Took a few self-portraits outside of my house before coming back in. =P

What I got for groceries (about $20). I found Wahaha, a drink I enjoyed when I was a kid in China!

Spent part of my afternoon doing readings for my historiography paper on the Manchurian Occupation in the 1930s. 

Preparing for dinner. Haven't cooked in a while!

Of course, the pre-meal picture! 
(stir fry beef with veggies, fake crab + mushroom + egg, steamed rice... it was good!)

Spent the rest of my night procrastinating, snacking, reading, photo-editing, and folding my clothes from the laundry. Watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother too.

It was a nice and relaxing day!


  1. aww amy, all of your pictures make me feel ... happy!
    it looks like you had a lovely day : )
    p.s. i love your room/house/neighbourhood!

  2. Aww that makes me smile - knowing that my pictures make others happy :)
    I like my new place too... lol so cute and cozy!

  3. Ooo a tour inside Amy's room! :D Are those your photos that u have up there on the wall? It's very homey!

  4. The thing on my wall is a poster that I bought but one day I will have my photos on my wall too :P

  5. Hi, Your dish looks wonderful. Would you give me recipe? or tell what spices and or sauce you use.

  6. Hi Lynne, I just threw some beef with chopped vegetables, but I marinated the beef with soy sauce and this Chinese oily spicy sauce beforehand. I added more soy sauce when I cooked the beef with the veggies. It's not really a recipe but if you google stir fry beef, I am sure you can find some good recipes!

  7. Thanks Aimee. I love stir fry, always curious to what spices are being used.