Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm happy.


Today was just a really good day and I was in a great mood all day! 
In the morning, I got my summer internship confirmed and I was so excited!! I got the kind of work I wanted to do and I'm going to Prague, my dream city! I couldn't be happier with this wonderful opportunity! 

I also had a great lunch with a couple of my friends/classmates on a grassy hill on campus. It was so sunny... so nice and relaxing... we were sitting up there, chatting with each other, joking around and laughing,  watching other people do their activities... I really cherish moments like this!

I spent the rest of my afternoon shopping for summer clothes. I bought a few and I can't wait to wear them lol! ^^

Life is good and I'm happy! 


  1. Amy, that's AMAZING!!! I'm so happy for you!

    We're definitely celebrating when Dani and I come to Vancouver! WOOOOO!!!

    And once again, amazing picture! You really are a gifted landscape photographer! =D

  2. Basanth, Sarah and I can't wait till you and Dani come to Vancovuer!!

  3. aww Amy, that sounds like such an awesome, lovely, precious day! and productive as well as relaxing by the sounds of things! : )

  4. Hehe, yeah it was Steffi! And come to think of it, everyday can be a precious day! =)

  5. aww i like that - everyday can be a precious day! so uplifting and positive :) thanks for that Amy!