Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A fun weekend in Vienna with Xue! 

Not too far from where I got off the bus, there was a giant ferris wheel!

Walking towards the centre. I was very amazed by all the massive historical monuments all around!

This is my friend Xue, who is currently living in Vienna!

A taste of Austrian beer with some Austrian people.

At Schonbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburg family. 

Walking in one of the many lovely gardens...

I love just sitting outside with a friend, chat, eat, and watch people go by!

Interesting modern art on the streets.

Xue and a big fountain!

A treble clef and Mozart's statue in the back.

My dinner - turkey steak with veggies and rice! It was a delicious meal!!

At Kunsthistorisches Museum, where Xue is interning!

Inside the art museum... I feel tiny! 
(photo take by Xue)

Very happy that I got to see the original paintings of the Infanta Margarita Teresa of Spain.

A cool "aerial view" of the museum café.

A piece of the yummy Viennese chocolate cake, aka Sachertorte!

Enjoying the sunshine outside on this big purple plastic chair called "enzi".


For many reasons, this trip really reminded me of how rootless I have become over the past few years...

Where is "home"?  
It's been a while since I no longer know.


  1. great pictures as always :)
    and just remember the expression "home is where the heart is" ... i remember having a conversation about this topic with you quite a while back ...

  2. Hehe Steffi, thanks for the reminder :) I know that expression, though I can't recall what I responded when we talked about it a while back.

    After settling in different places and finding a deep connection with various people, I feel like my heart is not with one place and one person in particular... but perhaps with many. I have no strong sense of "home"... nor do I ever feel like I'm really "returning home"...