Saturday, August 13, 2011

goodbye Prague...

I left Prague on Thursday morning. How quickly these three months have gone by. I became very fond of this lovely city and have many good memories with the people I met there. I was sad to go. 

By now I have become really used to moving from place to place, to constantly live a temporary life. To meet new people, share some memorable moments, then to say goodbye. Goodbyes are sad, but I have become used to them too. Life goes on, and I need to keep going with it.

But when I can, I want to enjoy myself, enjoy the present, to live life to the fullest, and to be there for those I like and care about. 

I think with each move, I change. This time, I realize how much more I have come to embrace differences and diversity, and how more open and receptive I am towards them. At the same time, I also realize I have a stronger sense of self, of my own values, and where I stand. I have become more determined to go after what I want, not always be hampered by what others would say or think. 

I also realize how grateful I am towards my friends and towards those who have shown kindness and sincerity to me. How fond I am of all those little moments when I felt a connection with another human being. Because when you connect with someone, even if it is brief, it matters. At least to me it does!  

Really, I want to do good in this world and treat others well. I want to do things because it is what I want to do, and I like doing them. I want to love for the sake of loving, dance for the sake of dancing, and give for the sake of giving. I want to find the goodness in things and in people because I believe it exists. I want to discover, learn, and appreciate. 

I think my experience Prague has encouraged me to do all of that. 

I really had an enjoyable time there, and am very thankful for it!
Goodbye lovely Prague~

Photo: Prague's Dancing House amidst dramatic dark clouds, Aug. 8th, 2011. 


  1. I know exactly the feeling you're describing. It's hard to find those people who are genuine towards you. They're very special. Beautiful picture as well. I love the feeling that the architecture adds to it. :)

  2. Thank you for the kind message Patricia! And I'm happy to know that you can relate to the feelings I described.
    Hope your summer is going beautifully well =)