Monday, October 24, 2011

Kaifeng's night market

Went to Henan province this weekend and got to see Kaifeng's famous night market! There were a lot of interesting dishes to eat and little things to buy. I really enjoyed trying out new kinds of food there. I like how the food came in small quantity and were quite cheap in price! I got to eat quite a lot of stuff, and perhaps the best thing I ate was this the salted duck egg sushi...  never had such a thing! It was really good!!  

One of the food stalls at Kaifeng's night market. A lot of the sellers are of Hui ethnic group (usually of Islamic religion).  

Some kind of fish cooked in some interesting way... didn't try it, but thought these fishes looked quite unhappily dried up... 

Lots of different kinds of meat on a stick. You can eat them BBQed. I love the lamb and chicken wings stick the best!!

Aside from food, there are also little cute things that you can buy. Here are some colourful nightlights... there is even a Hello Kitty one ^_^

A little perfume stall. They mix liquids and then put it on one of those hanging tiny bottles. 

A warm thanks to my good friend Fanyi for taking me to this interesting place and for hosting me this weekend in Henan!! =)

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