Monday, December 19, 2011

fading shades

I like how the colours of the mountains gets more faint as it stretches out into the horizon, so that is why I call this post "fading shades"! 


I went to visit Beijing's aquarium park with my friend Astha yesterday and I realized how much I like aquariums. There is something very fascinating about sea creatures swimming around effortlessly in a colourful underwater world. I really liked looking at the jellyfishes and the vibrant coloured little fishes. Unfortunately we only got to see half of the aquarium park because we came in too late.... ahh, disappointing!


  1. Amy, your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! It must have been so amazing to take all of that in :)

  2. So beautiful!! The atmospheric perspective (fading of mountains in the distance) make these images look surreal! Aquariums are awesome eh? You should visit the one in Baltimore if you ever get a chance :D They have a special section just for jellyfish!