Tuesday, December 27, 2011

farewell BJ!

I left Beijing on Christmas Eve and took a night train to Jiangsu province. 

On my last internship day, I had a nice lunch with my team at a Japanese restaurant not too far from where we worked. I was very happy that my team and I had time to have a meal together before I left! I liked working with them, and I think they're great individually too. 

My Japanese lunch with my co-workers on my last day!

So my internship in Beijing has come to an end. For some time, I was looking forward to its end because I wanted to move on. But on the last day, like any last day, I did feel a little sad, because afterall, it was an end to an episode of my life! I spent my last night with friends, most of which I made in Beijing. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant (Alio Olio) and then we went to party at Club Juicy! It was a really good night, and I had lots of fun! ^^

Now I am in Jiangsu visiting my relatives. I've been so tired these days - I don't know why. All I want do is sleep, and perhaps read and eat some fruits when I wake up.


  1. Amy!! Long time no talk? LoL Ah I've so much catching up to do on your blog :D Good to see another successful chapter of your life! It's really cool that you've made so many different friends in so many different parts of the world. There's so many different things to be learned from people and places so diverse. Where are you heading to next after visiting your relatives?
    Happy Holidays btw!