Saturday, August 14, 2010

Patrick: "Yay! Krabby patties!"

Got these mini burgers at a local Asian supermarket nearby my house. They're not actually burgers; they're biscuits with chocolate spread inside. They're probably the size of a penny.
So tiny and cute - perfect for my little pink starfish! Haha! 


I'm going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. I'm very excited because it's a beautiful place so there will be lots of opportunities for good shots. We are going to eat hot pot tomorrow night and I'm going to ride a jet boat!  I also got a set of filters that I look forward to try out.
It will be fun! Hope there will be lots of sunshine too.

I spent my afternoon on Youtube watching videos from WongFu Production. Haven't seen their stuff in ages and now they have gotten so professionally good. I was very impressed!

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