Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goodbye summer

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Vancouver where I will be starting my graduate studies in Asia-Pacific Policy Studies at University of British Columbia. I have been looking forward to this new start. It won’t be my first time in Canada, but it will be my first time on the west side of the country. I am not afraid of going to a new place and to start a new beginning, because I believe this choice will bring me a step closer to my dreams – and that, for me, is enough to fill me with a sense of purpose and to take this path with a determined mind and a hopeful heart.

Demain, je pars pour Vancouver, où je commencerai mon programme de master en Asia Pacific Policy Studies à University of British Columbia. Je retourne au Canada une nouvelle fois, mais cette fois-ci je serai à l’ouest du pays pour la première fois. J’ai hâte à cette nouvelle vie qui m’attende dans cette ville encore étrangère. Cette voie que j’ai choisi d’y prendre, je crois, me rapprochera de mes rêves, ainsi que mon désir de travailler dans le domaine des relations internationales en se concentrant sur la region d’Asie-Pacifique. J’espère d’en bien profiter de cette experience autant au niveau académique qu’au niveau personnel.

Vancouver will be the 9th city that I have lived in and I bet it won’t be my last. Hope I will enjoy it and make the most of this experience!


  1. Awww beautifully said!! I wish you the best of luck with you grad studies :D Hopefully you can still take lots of pics! I heard it's so beautiful over there =P

  2. Aww thank you, Minyan! A sweet surprise to hear from you here.^^ Hope your first week of school is going well!